As career tutors, we know the frustration you experience trying to find high-quality, relevant test prep materials for your students. The books out there are full of “tips and tricks,” but they breeze over critical and fundamental concepts and include irrelevant and us. The questions and passages are written in the wrong tone, in the wrong style, or at the wrong level — too easy or too difficult.

We wrote our books from a tutor’s point of view. We know exactly which vocabulary, grammar rules, and reading concepts students struggle with (and why), and we provide examples of the multiple ways each rule might be tested so that students aren’t caught by surprise on the actual test. We also integrate material from the relevant official guides in order to demonstrate how the concepts discussed apply to the exam. It’s an approach we hope not only helps your students, but also gives you a clear roadmap to follow when planning your lessons.

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Brilliant book, similar to real test. It includes 10 tests, that is the best part of this book. Each and every question are well written and pretty much the same format as the real test.

Amazon Reviewer

After searching through various forums about the materials, I decided to purchase this book. The practice tests follows the format of that of the released tests. What I like best is the explanations, which follow the Collegeboard's thought process! I purchased the verbal and the history ones too! 3 weeks till my last exam! Let's rock reading!

Amazon Reviewer